With the blessings of the Almighty God, Social apostolate has been functioning fairly well.  There were some initiatives from all sisters in the field of social apostolate.  

Counseling Services

Counseling services are given to the needy at Kusumagiri and its extension centers, Provincial House, Edappally, Thannipuzha, Kuthiathode and other communities.

 House Visit

It is a time for prayer with the family members and allows them for open sharing.  The family members come to communities when they are in need of prayer, support and sharing.

De-addiction centre

Sisters of other communities spent time to visit Alcoholic’s family and motivate them by sending for retreat and treatment.  Sisters are participating in most of the programmes of ‘Madhya Virudha Samathi’ of our Arch Diocese.

Children’s group

There are children’s group in different names like Angel Unit, Changathikoottam, etc., in Kusumagiri, Edappally, Provincial House, Kuthiathode and Uzhuva.  There are classes, cultural programmes, prayer, special event celebrations for the integral development of the children.  

Education Kit

To motivate children for better study and performance we distribute basic education kit to the poor children in every year.  
We provide financial support with the collaboration of NGO’s and other associations.

Free Tuition

Some students need special care and attention for their study.  Some students are get ‘resources room training’ from some communities. 

Jail ministry    

There is regular visit to Aluva and Ernakulam Sub-jails.  They celebrate Christmas, Easter, Onam and New Year with them.  There is Holy Mass on Sundays and special days and counseling services for the prisoners.   Rehabilitation programme for the wives and children of the prisoners in collaboration with other NGO’s.


There are more than 40 SHG’s at Chunangamvely parish and 30 at Uzhuva parish which is associated with   welfare society of Angamaly-Ernakulam Archdiocese.  We are animating them and arrange different programmes like skill training awareness classes and self employment programmes.  They are making soap, soap powder, lotion, etc.  They are doing different jobs to meet their livelihood like their husbands.  They are empowered very much but not at reached up to the aim.