“The Spirit of the Lord is up on me. He has anointed me to preach the Good News to the poor, He has sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives, and recovery of sight to the blind, to set frees the oppressed.” (Lk.4. 18)
“I have been sent by the Father to proclaim the good news of the Kingdom.” Jesus was very conscious about His mission of proclaiming good news of the Kingdom. “Go to the whole world and preach the Gospel to all mankind”. (Mk.16.15) This was the commandment of the risen Lord to his disciples and it should be fulfilled through us. The ultimate aim of our religious commitment is to live Gospel Values and proclaim it to the world. This may be done directly or indirectly. By active participation in evangelization, our committed life bears fruits.

Awareness Classes:-

Classes are given to different age groups, providing counseling services for school going children. 
Awareness classes were given to Mothers of School going Children and high lighted the role of parents and teachers in the Character formation of students.
A team of sisters and staff dealing with Autism at Nava Jyothi visited special schools and awareness classes were given to the parents of children with Autism.
Mental health awareness programmes were organized at different social welfare centre in Ernakulam by Multidisciplinary team of Kusumagiri Mental Health Centre, and also the mental health awareness programme was organized  for couples by Kusumagiri team.

Women Empowerment programme was organized for the Mothers in S.O.S Childern’s village, Aluva by the Kusumagiri team.

Life guidance course:- 

  A short-term seminar was organized for B.pharm students at Cherthalae. 

Senior citizens forum:-

There is regular senior citizens gathering at Pathanapuram and  Provincial house. 

Angel’s Club& Changathikoottam:-

An angels club was organized by sisters at Nirmala study house and sisters at St. Antony’s convent.  Changathikoottam for school going girls and boys were organized on every second Saturdays at provincial house. They were given value oriented classes. The students have improvement in their culture, motivated in their studies; they attained their life direction, life skills, there is improvement is their spiritual life, and it is influencing their parents and other family members. So children of low socio-economic status are helped financially to buy their study materials for one year.

Home based care 

Home based Nursing care are given to bedridden patients, like injections dressing catheter changing etc. The terminally patients are cared and prepared them for a happy death, gives death care, and sisters found time, to attend their funeral services and to pray for them. Sisters help them to attend retreat, and to quit off certain habits like Alcoholism, Drug addiction, and help them to come into the main stream of society. Financial help is also given for marriages, repairing houses, for treatment and for Education.

Pastoral help, Catechism

Sisters are actively involved in the parish activities, Catechism teaching, distributing Communion, and preparing children for receiving Sacraments. Sisters are taking leadership in pious associations like CLC, Jesus Youth, Mathrusangam, Women Welfare Association, KCYM, etc.

Free clinics are working at the Provincial House, Kottagiri, Uzhuva, and many poor patients from the colonies are benefiting out of this. Only basic treatment is given here, and basic drugs and routine medicines are distributed from here.